Internet Services

Internet based services like email, Instant Messages (IM), social networks as well as Smartphone and desktop clients are an excellent way to alert the public in an emergency – particularly small communities as well as students and employees linked over a common network. Email, Smartphone and desktop alert notification is an additional building block of the SMART Alert platform, which provides coverage across all information channels.

Electronic billboards and digital signage such as highway signs are an excellent way to ensure full alert coverage.

The SMART Alert platform can connect to all Variable Message Signs (VMSs) on any road and in any city. Digital billboards, generally used for targeted commercial purposes, and in the US for AMBER alerts, have also proven to be a valuable community service.

Applications used can also initiate feedback from the population at risk and as such create an interactive communication channels between the authorities and the population.

The Internet modules of the SMART Alert platform are

  • SMART Push (for Smartphones)
  • SMART Email
  • SMART Social (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • SMART Billboard